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Most of those who are into fitness programs must have heard about the latest buzz doing the rounds in the fitness industry, simply known as Crossfit training and endurance building. For a layman this might seem a bit obscure and to simplify it, this training program involves developing general fitness over a wide array of physical training areas. It can be termed as being the ideal combination of a muscular and aerobic workout with cardio vascular benefits being an integral part of it.

Let’s try to briefly demystify the enigma of a Crossfit workout in relation to circuit training:

The primary thing that differentiates this form of training from standard circuit training is the workout over various areas of physical fitness, as without this it would be no different from a regular training schedule. What makes this form of training distinctive is that there are no scheduled rest periods at all! Yes you read it right the first time , NO REST !! = no let-up & no reprieve !!

Unlike circuit training where a brief break is taken after a group of pre-set exercises, when you opt for a this regimen say goodbye to taking it easy, mate.

Taking up a Crossfit programme brings out the competitive spirit in one, as a practitioner has to complete the set of repetitions and exercises within the shortest possible time span. For avid athletes there are Crossfit games held at different venues to showcase their unique achievements. Once can even log on to various fitness websites where they can post their latest scores and see as to how they rank against the competition. Another unique aspect of this form of exercise is that every training workout has a name.

You can choose between various workouts for e.g. you have ‘The Murph’ – where you have to run a mile, do a 100 pullups, followed by 200 pushups, perform 300 body squats and run another mile. Sounds challenging doesn’t it!!?

Benefits of the training program: They are numerous with strength, agility, endurance and speed being the key areas. Why is such a rigorous routine devised? The answer is simple, this training schedule does not focus on a single part but rather the whole body, so as to facilitate the overall development of an individual and make him a complete athlete. Every single fibre and muscle of the body is co-ordinated and trained to perfection.

For the calorie conscious you could not choose a better way of burning all that excess fat. It has been proven that a single session of this workout burns far more calories than standard exercise routines around. For e.g. a 150 pound individual can burn close to 300 calories in a 30 minute workout. The same can only be achieved in double the time, with a 60 minute session when doing conventional exercises.

It gives you an all round muscular, aerobic and cardio vascular work out like no other. And no, you don’t need to be a world class athlete to take it up. For those physically fit , and of course subject to medical advice from one’s GP, Crossfit Training is for the champ in us all.

So whether you plan to participate in the Crossfit games as a challenger or just want to be fighting fit you have the perfect exercise routine to hone your athletic skills and make you a role model for others.

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