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Endurance Sports & Supplements

energy nutrition supplements

Supplements for Endurance

Endurance is the absolute requirement for most people who like to work out. If you are a high end endurance athlete running marathons on a weekly basis or a keen trainer looking at training up to your first marathon. Endurance is also key for sports people like triathlons, rugby, MMA, boxing etc they are all going to sustain a high level of endurance.

Considering you need to meet the deficit of calories from additional food intake it can be difficult to eat enough without additional supplementation. Below we have put together what we think is a great source of supplements to ensure you get what you need every day so you can perform at your best.

It is important to ensure you take on the correct types of foods, some carbs are released quickly into the blood and whilst they are great for an instant burst of energy they can cause a sugar spike resulting in hunger throughout the day. Some carbs are slow release which are much slower release providing a constant energy supply, keeping blood sugar levels steady. Things like sweet potato, oats and brown rice.

Simple carbs that provide instant energy are great for just before, during and afterwards they can help get you ready to peak during the event and not fatigue due to low energy levels.

The trick for endurance athletes is to be specific with your needs and goals. It is about fine tuning the body to become more efficient at prolonging energy at your specific event. Whilst supplements cannot make you train harder they can go a long way into giving you the energy your mind needs to push that last bit.


Supplements specifically designed to help the endurance athlete can be the difference between first and second place. Scientific advances have moved on so much that any edge gained is beneficial. It is a market which has lagged behind the likes of the muscle building sector but now more and more athletes are reaping the rewards of sports supplements where their endurance levels are concerned.



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