Body-Building Nutrition

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People are looking to gain strength which is one of the most common goals for people and the reason why people go to the gym. To increase strength and gain weight then you need to fuel the body with nutrition dense foods that are high in protein.

Getting your nutrition right and ensuring it meets your nutritional needs is the key to success and is sometimes more difficult to do than the training , but makes up for about 70% of your success compared to the 20% associated with simply training well.

As the common saying goes “Muscles are made in the kitchen”. Some people are genetically blessed but the fact is most of us aren’t and need to supplement our food with sports nutrition products that will help achieve this.

Protein is essential throughout the day to serve the muscles and help them grow (especially on training days to replenish the muscles). With the massive demands that strength training puts on the body and the breakdown of muscle fibres most people work on the assumption that 1.5 – 2g of protein per pound of lean body weight is necessary to support recovery.

BCAA’s ( Branched Chain Amino Acids) are an important supplement to take intra-workout ( during training ) & L-Glutamine is an equally important basic supplement to add to you regime with loads of benefits , including boosting your immune system & improved gut health.

People have lots of ideas about what is right and what does not work. Well we can say from experience there is no one diet with a ‘fits all’ solution for this age old problem.

Many people go on a diet and start by cutting out ALL fats thinking they will lose fat and look better. For the gifted or lucky few this works , for a while, but for most people it does not & has the potential to have some nasty detrimental effects on your overall health & wellbeing.

Pure & simple Truth is WE NEED FATS , they are biologically more important than Protein or Carbs , & play a significant role in the endocrine system function ( hormones ) , & in the CNS ( Central Nervous System ) including the Brain !!

We therefore recommend a balanced diet, high in good quality protein, medium in slow release carbs and medium in good quality fats that are rich in Omega oils :-

Nuts ( Almonds , Walnuts , Brazils )


Oily fish (Salmon, Mackerel , Tuna )

Red meat

Coconut oil

UDO’s Oil